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A Song of Ice and Fire


A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R. R. Martin is an awe-inspiring epic work that is hard to classify into one genre; some even say it is not fantasy, but some sort of alternate historical fiction. One can be said: it is extremely realistic. The whole world appears real, characters are alive and breathing. There are no cliches here, no stereotypes. Everyone has their flaws, everything is portrayed in shades of grey. Back luck, coincidence and unpredictability - all these factors exist in ASOIAF. The complexity of the series is something unseen previously in fantasy genre.
If you think I'm getting too enthusiastic... I picked these books because my friend forced me to. I expected to point out everything that I did not like... and got totally sucked into this series.


Objects (1)

Candles are the second thing I have been collecting for years already. My candles are labeled appropriately, as 1) to be lit freely, 2) to be lit on special occasions, 3) to be lit only if it's absolutely necessary, and 4) to never ever be destroyed! I can't pass a candle store without peeking inside... and most probably exiting with a new beauty, or two. If I'm really crazy about one, I usually buy two of them - in case one gets damaged. I don't even want to think about money that went into my whole cupboard of candles.
Making candles is an expensive pastime that I want to indulge in way more often than I do now. Obtaining necessary equipment is so hard... I love the warmth of flames, the scents, the array of colors available, the tiny pretty things one can sink into the wax. My favorite material is gel, but most of my candles are made of stearin - it's the easiest to obtain.


Literature (1)

Reading has always been my favorite pastime. My district library has always been poorly equipped, so I have accumulated hundreds of books during the years... to add to the thousands owned by my mom. Books are an inseparable element of our home; they fill one medium-sized room - shelves from floor up to the ceiling, all walls - and are frankly overflowing. I keep my own books in my room, double and triple stashed on shelves, my mom does the same with her collection of favorites.
Reading is one thing, collecting is another... I adore the feel of worn paper under my fingers, the smell of dust on used books. A month without a book bought is a month lost. Even if I don't read it right away, I will always do it later, right?



Cats are the ingenious creatures, unlike anything on the Earth. They're independent and they know it. The very point of having a cat is to earn her/his respect; the relationship between cat and human is one of friendship and partnership, not owner and pet. Many people say cats are treacherous because they're unpredictable, don't listen to humans, ignore them, don't follow them everywhere, etc. To me, these are the advantages. My family has two cats and two dogs at the present, and while I love the dogs too, I feel they don't have as strong personalities as cats. A cat is a partner to chat and to bicker with; whole scale of activities and emotions.
The only true friend I had was my she-cat. (No bull here, my life situation prevented getting close to anyone in school and there are no girls at my university.) I was heartbroken when she died.
I have loved cats since I was three. That's when I got my first cat toy, a black plushie that was bigger than me at the time. I still have it... along with almost thirty other toy cats, ten paintings and more than three hundred figurines. I had to stop buying statuettes because I was running out of display cases. Now I get only the special ones that would be unique in my collection.

Lament of Innocence OST


One of my favourite albums of all the time, the first soundtrack I bought and also one of the most expensive CD's I've ever had, seeing as it had to be shipped from Japan. Never regretted. Lament of Innocence OST is hauntingly beautiful, a dazzling mix of classical music, ambient, new age, and techno. The glorious echoes and angelic choirs make it almost painful to listen to - it's something to savour and forget oneself in. Who would have thought a game soundtrack could be so rich, convey so many emotions? 'Enjoy' is too simple a word; I adore this music.


If you own a fanlisting from my wishlist and want to close it / adopt it out, please let me know ^^ Please!

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