For Adoption

Rules and Expectations

If you'd want to adopt a fanlisting from me, please contact me via e-mail (dhuaine[] with subject "(Name of FL) Adoption". If you're a stranger to English, don't worry about it, I'm not a native speaker either.
However, I'd like it more if your mail is readable and correct.

Generally the rules for adoption are:
1. You must have a server without ads.
2. You must keep the memberlist (I provide you with it in .sql or .html format).
3. You must link back to me as the previous owner.
4. If fanlisting runs on php and mysql, please use a script as well, though it is not required.
5. Contact me if you would like to adopt out the fanlisting in the future.

Out for Adoption

Shannara Series


Specific rules: make you own layout. Current one kills people.
There is no specific date; if you want it, just let me know. If I consider you a good would-be owner, the fanlisting will go to you. If not, you will be added to KIM list. Then you will get bonus points when I decide to adopt it out.