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Dark Heavens FL

16 Oct 2008

Warning, semi-temporary layout. My studies suck completely, I just learned that the only interesting course in next semester got switched to... compiler architecture. I HATE my university... and it shows in my recent works. Mainly in the fact that there are close to none.
Fanlisting for chocolate mousse, Dark Heavens.
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Nail Polish: Green [Fashion/Beauty]
- Toasts [Food/Drinks]

Intricate FL

25 Sep 2008

This was one of these approvals which you are waiting impatiently for and either suffer a mental breakdown when you get rejected, or set to work on them if you got them.
I'm proud to present the Intricate, fanlisting for multi-chaptered fanfiction! I love long, complex stories, and whenever I revisit a fandom or poke around a new one, I look for fics over 20,000 words. It's so rare to find a good story that is both long and completed... So, if you support multi-chapter fanfiction and/or want to show your appreciation for the effort and time of the non-oneshots authors, please consider joining!
The layout was somewhat inspired by Wordpress. I've seen lots of wordpress themes with glass and reflection effects, while still modest and elegant. It just looks classy.

Making Candles - finally!

16 Sep 2008

After months of looking for proper stock and being extremely picky about it (and procrastinating), I finally managed to decide on one particular photo. The layout boasts two of my favourite elements - vintage patterns and floral brushes. It has a warm but mystical feeling to it, which I've always associated with the art of making candles. Sadly, I don't have as much experience as I would like - it's so expensive! - but I've made enough candles to know. It's always had a soothing, comforting effect on me.
Too much talking... Candles!

Upcoming fanlistings:
- Mousse: Chocolate [Food/Drinks]

Boiled Eggs Fanlisting

15 Sep 2008

This must be my record... Egg-zactly, fanlisting for boiled eggs, was finished in merely three days after approval. And with one of the weirdest layouts I've ever made. I scratch my head everytime I look at it. So... odd and not in my style. I wanted something cheerful and I got this.

Upcoming fanlistings:
- Mousse: Chocolate [Food/Drinks]
- Making: Candles [Hobbies/Recreation]

More in upcoming

11 Sep 2008

Redesigning fanlistings collective spurred some creative juices in me...
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Making: Candles [Hobbies/Recreation]
- Mousse: Chocolate [Food/Drinks]
- Boiled Eggs [Food/Drinks]
Haha! I haven't expected to be approved for both of these Food fanlistings! I'm a happy person now.
(If you wonder why Making Candles is still on upcoming - I have to make proper layout for it!)

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