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Realms of Delusion

13 Dec 2008

Finally here! Realms of Delusion, fanlisting for mazes and labyrinths. I simply love labyrinths, be it drawing them or exploring the actual ones.
The layout features my new favorite - oval elements... The bad thing is, it was made on my laptop, which oversaturates colors. It looks fine for me, but it's gray and dull and ungly on normal monitors, as I have the chance to check on my desktop. And the fact that I made a working in IE6 floating div but there's not enough text to show it off is killing me.
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Spaghetti Carbonara [Food/Drinks]

Fanlistings Clean-Up and Mail Problems!

16 Nov 2008

First of all, Xynatla mail was out of order for a month! *gasp* I wondered why I wasn't getting any e-mails but Xynatla-related mail always popped out very rarely, so I thought it was just a slow month.
The problem is fixed now, I hope. I managed to retrieve about 20 e-mails, and have already taken care of them. If you didn't get your reply, please note me again!
K.I.M. list at fanlistings collective was updated with one request.
I finished applying security fixes to Enth-powered fanlistings, so if anything broke, please let me know.

Crispy Gold FL

16 Nov 2008

Eh, the delayed fanlisting for toasts. I was so happy I got approved for it (and still am!) but unfortunately couldn't finish it on time thanks to another website assignment. (Not that I mind particularly, that other thing is awesome! At last something that will help me in my webdesigning plans.) Anyway, here it is - Crispy Gold. Funny layout, eh?
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Mazes and Labyrinths [Hobbies/Recreation]

Enth 3 update

14 Nov 2008

Enthusiast script was updated from 3.1.4. to 3.1.5. today. I went through upgrades as fast as possible, so if something doesn't work correctly, please let me know.
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Toasts [Food/Drinks]
- Mazes and Labyrinths [Hobbies/Recreation]

Green Nail Polish FL

27 Oct 2008

I've got insanely huge backload of messages, but I really didn't have time to reply to anything. I barely slept for two weeks by now. And what's worse, I don't know when it will end.
New fanlisting (I'm gonna keep making those and practise PS) - Allure for green nail polish. I tried to achieve a crisp, clean corporate design. Well, it's not perfect, but it's not that bad either, IMHO.
Upcoming fanlistings:
- Toasts [Food/Drinks]

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